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About Us

In 2013 Husband and Wife duo, Mark and Mel, decided to throw their 9-5 jobs in and delve into bringing their combined passions together to create The Soapbox Company. 
The Soapbox Company provide custom, beautiful, handmade wooden boxes for presenting gifts, awards, thank you gifts, packaging, displays – the list goes on. As everything is custom and made to order, there is a strong customer focus to ensure the perfect product is created meeting the clients expectations inclusive of budget, brand and designed for the required events.
Mark and Mel identified that we live in a throw away world, and therefore endeavour to provide a product that is sustainable, kept and re-used. Using forestry certified pine, and providing inhouse laser engraving, wooden packaging proves to be the best choice for sustainability and the environment, and a long term marketing strategy with client business being remembered long after the gift inside the box has been enjoyed.
The Soapbox company are also comitted to see their bi-product find another home working to reduce their waste by re-using & re-purposing. Pine shavings are donated to local group Kanyana Wildlife Hospital for insulating animal bedding, and wooden offcuts are donated to schools & community groups for art and craft. Finding new homes for these bi-products are just as important as the wooden box - everything has a use.
Mark and Mel get a real sense of enjoyment and satisfaction creating custom items for their clients, delivering an order which is handmade creates a sense of value to the customer, knowing that is made specifically for them, with them in mind.

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