Pay it Forward Program
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Pay it Forward Program

Giving back to the Community & our Environmental Commitment
The Soapbox Company are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to the community in any way we can. 

To help others in the community and at the same time reducing our environmental impact through our day to day operations, the materials we use in our wooden boxes, and our proactive ways of finding new homes for any bi-product of our box production.

What we do:

Sustainable Timber
Our boxes are made using responsibly managed and sustainably sourced wood. The pine used for our boxes is forestry certified and sourced locally from Wespine renowned for its sustainable focus ensuring all parts of the log are used, including any by product which is used in particle board production and bark/mulch for landscaping.
The plywood in our boxes is either forestry certified Australian Hoop Pine or an imported mixed hardwood ply which meets international certification.

Wood & Carbon
Our boxes are made using responsibly managed sustainable wood materials. What makes this the best material for the environement is wood stores carbon for life making it a practical solution for reducing your carbon footprint in two ways.
Firstly, growing trees absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon then remains locked in the wood for life, only being released if it is burnt or rots. By using wood as your packaging choice you are reducing carbon for the life of the box, and our boxes are made to last a lifetime.

Local materials
95% of materials used in our boxes are locally sourced, supporting other local business and reducing our carbon footprint in production and transport of imported product. 

Tree Planting
We support Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund's Tree Planting Programmes. CNCF uses the funds raised through donations to plant native trees on degraded land in Australia. Planting trees offsets the carbon emissions we (humans) create in our every day activities. Nationally it is recognised that 5 of Australia's 15 National biodiversity hotspots are located within South Western Australia.

New homes for our by product
In making our wooden boxes we produce pine shavings and wooden offcuts that need new homes, to avoid going to landfill. Currently we support local wildlife and the community in the following ways:
- Pine shavings from dressing our rough sawn timber ready for production are donated to Kanyana Wildlife Hospital in Lesmurdie WA. The shavings are used in the resident echidnas bedding to insulate and for them to burrow into. We have invested in additional fine particle dust extraction/separation equipment to make this a better product for our wildlife.
We also donate to a local gardener in Mundaring who uses the pine shavings in garden landscaping.

- Wood offcuts produced from box production are donated to schools, day care centers and local not-for-profit groups for "Loose Parts Play" and arts and crafts. Natural materials and loose parts play is an intergral part in child development and learning. Each box contains assorted sizes and shapes of wooden offcuts for creative minds and hands.

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