Corporate Wooden Gift Boxes
Corporate Wooden Gift Boxes

Businesses have been giving corporate gifts for years, it is not a new strategy. The difficulty now is for business to show the true value they place on clients and employees and ensure they build a positive association with their business with unique gifts that reflect their brand.

Custom Wooden Gift Boxes offer the solution. By customising the wooden box to present your gift you have shown a personal touch. A quality wooden gift box makes a solid impression, and is a gift that will be kept, and re-used around the home or office. 

Ways to use Corporate Wooden Gift Boxes

The humble Thank you - with more than humble results. Your most valuable clients deserve to be rewarded. Without them your business would not be what it is. Corporate Wooden Gift Boxes provides a memorable opportunity to say thank you. They can be personalised in branding, and customised to fit your gift, making a thoughtful gift and solid impression of the value you place on them. A wooden gift box is re-used around the home or office keeping you top of mind in time to come. A gift that evokes a memorable experience long after it has been given is a well spent long term marketing strategy for businesses.

Company Morale - how do you reward your biggest assets? Valued employees are productive employees and along with your clients your best walking billboard - thank and reward them with customised wooden gift boxes and ensure they feel appreciated. A gift is a sign of good will and builds positive association and connections.

Marketing Messages - businesses spend so much money communicating new campaigns and products to their customers, however they tend to use the same old methods which do not tend to result in earth shaking results.

Break through the everyday flyers and emails with custom wooden gift boxes branded and communicating your message. A unique and value adding gift will ensure your message is not only noticed but remembered, and talked about.

Launching a new product, new website, or campaign - wooden gift boxes offer the perfect medium to tell your story, be remembered and more importantly allowing the most powerful, cost effective marketing tool - word of mouth of engaged customers telling others.

It is well known people do not like to be 'sold to' - presenting the message as a gift changes the typical sales approach to that of sharing, and more positively received with higher yielding results.

An example is a client launching their new website - much time, resources and money had been spent on the redevelopment, and they needed their immediate client base to utilise the new site immediately - rather than follow the usual marketing methods each client was given a corporate branded wooden gift box with a bottle of sparkling - which was custom labeled promoting the new site - celebrate with us, and check out our new website. The results were immediate, and memorable.

Make your marketing dollar work for you with wooden gift boxes.

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