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Increase customer connection and value with gift box packaging

We can all relate to the childhood excitement of opening a gift - the wonder and awe of what might be inside.

But did you know this rush of good feelings you get when "unboxing" is a type of psychological affect, an affect you as a business can use to connect and add value to your clients.

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The simplicity of presenting your product/s in a box ignites a positive emotion with the receiver making opening the box the experience and the product inside the reward. 
Research shows an experience is remembered and is more powerful than the product itself making gift box packaging a real game changer in building your business and connections with clients.

Businesses can create memorable experiences with meaningful and personalised packaging, and a wooden gift box can take this to the next level.
There is a perceived value associated with a wooden box that creates an instant emotion of worth and engages the receiver. A wooden box is something a business has put effort and money into and customers see this.
A wooden box automatically adds value to you and your products, before the box is even opened. It is kept and re-used often holding 'treasures' (regardless of how old someone is we all have something precious to be kept safe, and where better than a wooden box) keeping the positive feelings close to the receiver, unlike other packaging that is discarded and becomes a distant memory.

Is this really true - Can packaging and unboxing really be so important? Just take a look at Apple who employ dedicated box openers to ensure their customers have the most memorable unboxing experience, adding value to the product and their connection with Apple.

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